Escort Jobs

Escort jobs in Coventry are now available at our exclusive escort agency. If you are aged eighteen or over and want a job you can enjoy fully. You simply need to contact us, let us know a little about you and attach some recent photographs of yourself and we will contact you within the next 24 hours, to go through everything with you and let you know what the next steps are. If both parties are happy after this, we will add your profile to the website and agree a date in which you can start. 

Of course, our Coventry escorts jobs allow immediate starts, for ladies who desire them. If you submit your application to us, early enough, you are even able to start the same day. However, normally, it is advised to start the next day, at the earliest, so as your profile can get a bit more publicity before you start your new escort job. It also allows you to get some pre-bookings in, like the other escorts who we work with, so that you have bookings in, before you get in to work. 

One of the best thing about our escort jobs in Coventry, is that you get to pick your own hours and fit your job around your personal life. No more missing important events or fun nights out. You can do all of that, while still having a job that allows you to earn an excellent income, week to week. You will shortly be living the lifestyle you have always wanted, while earning more than all of those you know, combined. 

Which makes this a perfect career for a lot of women, in Coventry. If you are the type of woman, who considers herself to be open minded, eager to please and sociable with a love for meeting new people and entertaining them. You are sure to find our escort jobs in Coventry the right choice, for you.